The Story of Luisa and Her Pub Between Crisis, Covid, War, and High Bills

We need to keep telling stories like this

In recent years, many businesses have faced great difficulties and sometimes they may have had to lower the shutters. First, there were the lockdowns with the pandemic. Then came the war along with the energy crisis.

We need to keep the light on these hero entrepreneurs, big and small, examples of resilience.

They give work to other people and are often motivated only by their passion. For these reasons, I would like to report the story of Luisa and her pub.

Luisa Livrieri has a dream and decides to try to make it come true. She leaves her permanent and secure job to found the Bam Brewery Pub ( in Milan: it is June 2018.

It is a Brew Risto Pub that produces and serves beers linked to its territory.
It also selects the best products in the brewing and culinary world.

The girl and her collaborators, for their beers, have created their own native yeast in particular through a specialized laboratory. They cater using slow food and Ticino Park products.

In short, these choices certainly denote the desire to do one’s job well and to offer a special service to customers.